Our Cats - Catnip4Cats.com

Our Cats - Catnip4Cats.com

Our Cat Family at Catnip4Cats.com

Meet molly a 10yr Old Tabby x Bengal Cross Breed
Molly is Our Poster Girl for our website Catnip4cats .
We have had Molly Since she was 9 Weeks old , She was a tiny kitten but for her size very Crazy.
We Love her dearly and is our Top Catnip Quality Control Check for potency on our Organic Catnip . As soon as the hairs on her back start twitching we know we have a good batch of Strong Catnip
She spends most of her day fighting of Sans our new addition to the family.

Meet Sans Our 16 week Old Kitten He is Tuxedo X Tabby 
We have had Sans a few weeks now , he's my sons cat. Even though we have only had him a few weeks hes been such a good boy no mistakes around the house he is amazing, well apart from eating my wall paper and bugging molly every opportunity he gets. Hes a lovely cat and love him so much.

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