Smugmug Review - Why I Stopped Using SmugMug for Selling My Digital Photographs

Smugmug Sellers Review - Why I Stopped Using Smugmug

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As a photographer its important for me to protect my work . I needed a place to sell my work online plus have a service available where customers could go and choose one of my photographs and then print out on canvas / Poster / Mug etc.

After many hours searching and going through review sites to check which site was the best it seems that the service that smugmug was offering was pretty reasonable.

So i signed up for their 14 day free trial as ya do , everything was easy to upload and was a pretty easy site to use. You can change your own look for the site with limitations but it looked pretty smart.  You could watermark your images and right click protect your images to stop them being downloaded ( or so i thought ) .

This is what my Smugmug Site Looked Like 

So after spending many days uploading images renaming them and giving them a description ( i know i should do this first to my images ) i was busy working away then my other half  started looking at my images on another pc and to my shock and surprise he had managed with  a few clicks of a button to download my images. I wont say how its done as there are after checking many other photographers pages that also has this floor . There was the ability to download Full Size images .

So there it is .... what is the point in selling digital photography on smugmug if it can be easily downloaded for free.

So at that point I removed everything i had spent days and many hours working on . I did actually email them with regards to this security floor and replied stating that they was already aware of the security floor and how its done.


Make sure you water mark all your image

There are some great watermarking Tools for your images for Free  I use Visual watermark its a simple program to use 

Great program and a must for anyone who wants to protect their images 

Since i have close down my SmugMug i have started moving all my work to

50% Discount click here 

If this information can help other Photographers then i know i helped a litte.

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